Simple Online Ideas

Our industry is made up of Small Business Owners and I thought I'd share some of the things I have learned to help in your online marketing adventures!

Simple Online Ideas

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Social Media: Identify what Social Media your target market is using, whether itand#39;s Twitter, Linked In or any of the many others. More than likely they are using all of them and more!  Spending time on each of them and seeing how our industry networks through them will help you set up your best practices for which one to use.

Your Website: Update your website regulary to keep viewers coming back.  Change the front page with new content, pictures, new blog posts. Keywords within the headlines  will help with Search Optimization for your site. Make the message consistant on all print materials as well as what content you have online. Be sure to have a link to your website on everything you do on all the social media sites you use.

Your Subscribers:  These are the people who have expressed an interest in your content on either your blog or website, make sure you keep in touch with them. They are going to be your best resource for help on what to see on your blog/website, and they will also if you keep a relationship with them be a great referral for you to others to subscribe to your site! 

Donand#39;t Stop! The internet is forever changing, and because of this keep looking for the newest thing to get your name out there! Donand#39;t Stop getting your message out there, the minute you stop remember the audience will move on to something else, stay consistent and active online everyday!

These are just 4 little things that you may have already known, but sometimes its nice to be reminded of the little things and get back to them!


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