Personal Attention

Having Clients Remember you for a Lifetime ! 

Personal Attention

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I was remembering recently and talking to my teenager about when I started driving,  and the old service center where I would go to get gas came to mind. 

I would pull up to the station and the attendant (Mr. Cooper) would come out and say hello, know me by name, asked about my family and then while filling my tank for me ( because I lived in the great state of NJ where we donand#39;t pump our own gas!) he would have me pop the hood and check my oil.   Its been over 25 years since I started driving and I still remember this customer service! So I was wondering if any of my clients remember the service given to them with a smile as I do now thinking about just filling up my gas tank!

In our industry of remodeling it is so important to put this kind of personal attention out there so that you are remembered over all the others out there.  Taking the time to really understand the needs of the client and to get to the core issues of why they want and need in this project will set you apart from everyone else.

There were many years I spent just going into a potential clients home and only talking about the project, bringing my "tool belt" in and never connecting with the client, only to not close many sales and it left me wondering why.  The day I decided to leave everything in the car and go out on my first appointment with a different kind of "tool belt" was the day I began closing more deals. I would go into the home and not even ask about the project first, I was relaxed, sat at the kitchen table with them and asked open ended questions to allow them to tell me all the reasons why this project was to be done.  Many laughs and good conversations later we would then head to the project area and begin applying what they had told me to the area needing to be done.  It was all very relaxed and when I left my clients felt like they had made a new friend as well as found the right fit for them, all because I gave them the personal attention they needed.

In the end Iand#39;m sure you all can remember one person who gave you this personal attention as I do from 25 years ago, take that and make sure all your clients feel the same way, not only will they remember you but they will be sure to tell everyone else about you!



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