Where do YOU get ideas from?

Where do I get my ideas from? Well I guess it always was within me I just had to find the right tool to bring it out!    

Where do YOU get ideas from?
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Where do I get my ideas from? Well I can honestly say I was not blessed with this talent of marketing and creating naturally! Oh I tried to tap into my creative spirit as a child but with no hope...I think my greatest accomplishment was drawing a cartoon of Odie from the Garfield cartoons!  You see my family is very talented in the arts...My Aunt made the most beautiful stained glass for churches, my uncle created the most beautiful paintings that hang in all of our houses today, and My Father could always just take a napkin at a restaurant and start drawing something cool on it for us.  I always wanted that gene pool...but couldnand#39;t find it! 

Then a long time ago I was introduced to the computer!  I was hooked!  Yes back then it was only a glorified typewriter, but I couldnand#39;t get enough of it and wanted to learn everything I could about this thing and what it could do!  Through the years, and all the people I have met,  I found out more and more about what I could do with the computer.  I learned on my own how to make my first website, and through much trial and error created several sites for friends and associations I belonged too.  While working in my first marketing position I had to find a way to set myself apart and learn more since I did not have the college education that everyone else in my field did.  I was sitting at my desk one day and just started "playing" around with all the programs available to me.  I created the company website, brochures, business cards, and my very first attempt at making a logo was born!  I guess the company that hired me saw so much more in me than I ever did!  I was a young adult trying to find what I wanted to do, and they gave me the start to a career I was always suppose to be apart of ! 

Working my way through the many different industries and learning from so many knowledgeable people, I soaked all the information in like a sponge.  I worked long hours at my home investigating all the things I had learned that day and seeing how I could do it differently.  Everything and Everyone around me was a tool I learned from and all the ideas and creativiy was drawn from all of them! 

I continue to get ideas from everyone and everything around me,  social media has been one of the biggest tools to meet and learn from so many.  I have and continue to have the great opportunity to network with so many intelligent, inspirational professionals., who together we teach each other everyday! 

The tools I needed to bring out my ideas and creativity always have come from those I surround myself with so in the end I suppose my Aunt, Uncle and Father truly were the begining of my creativity it just took sometime to bring it out! 




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