Trust the Process!

Would You have caught this? Many times we want something so badly we forget to stop and listen and trust the process. 

Trust the Process!
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At one time I owned a company with a select few clients and what I would do for them is Qualify each lead that came into the office.  The process would give my clients all the information they needed to go out on the first call but more importantly with the process I could weed out the calls they did not need to go out on....this is one of those stories! 


Here is how the lead came into me on Friday night via email:

  For: Coleen                        

  Name: BETH Z.                  


Sounds great right?  I jumped right on it, even though it was a bit out of my client’s territory …. I said, “hey they are adding a 2nd Floor, Iand#39;d love to have this project!” 

I called and spoke with Beth on Saturday who said she was busy and couldnand#39;t talk, so I asked if I could call on Monday and would she have time, she agreed, and the call was set.  

Monday morning, I called, and Beth and I were having a nice opening conversation about the day and how nice it was out. While talking initially with her I gathered all the pertinent information concerning her address, what kind of home it was, phone numbers, etc. 

Then I began to ask her about what she was looking to get done, and she proceeded to let me know about the house, and how she would love to have a second story addition since the home was a ranch and they needed more room.  Beth told me how she would like to add a master bedroom and 2 other rooms in the new addition so she could have a view of the lake behind her from her bedroom. (I have to say this answer sent a red flag up for me, there is no real need, just a want) still intrigued I continued asking questions and listening to all her ideas for this addition.  

I was now about 15 minutes into our conversation and both of us were enjoying each other, laughing at times and getting comfortable with each other.  The next series of questions I began to ask were the financial questions, always fun I know!  I asked Beth if she had considered what an addition like this would add to the value of her home, and where she and her husband would feel comfortable financially investing in their home? 

Bethand#39;s answer was "Oh we donand#39;t own the home yet; we are just considering this home" well then, my conversation started to steer in a different direction.  I asked her if she would mind letting me know the value of the home as it currently is, she told me 725,000, I knew it was time to start the education questions so I could help her! " Have you considered what a project like you are considering would add on to the loan you will need for the home? Do you know if the zoning in this area will allow an addition like you are considering? Well as you probably already know the answer to this was no.  

She then actually sighed and said, "thank you Coleen, Iand#39;ve never remodeled or purchased a home before even at my age, and just didnand#39;t know!"  I then advised her to contact the town zoning to get information on what they allow as far as what she was looking to do prior to her putting a bid on the home. Contact her bank to see what they will allow financially for them, and then when she has all of those in place, and is ready I would be happy to come and for a fee to review the home and see what they could do prior to purchase of the home.  Beth was very appreciative and asked that I follow up with her in a few weeks so we could talk about what she found out!


Trust the process, see it through!  


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